Gunnison Bridge Construction- Eagle Ridge Ranch

Gunnison, Colorado / Taylor Canyon
Eagle Ridge Ranch

Eagle Ridge Ranch Bridge and Bank Stabilization

Eagle Ridge Ranch contracted Creekside Angling & Environmental to complete a large scale bridge demolition, bridge build and stream bank stabilization project. The Ranch bridge would no longer support ranch equipment and was becoming a hazard. Creekside Angling assessed the site and recommended obtaining an Army Corps of Engineers permit and construction of a new bridge. The first step was to remove the existing structure and excavate down to solid rock. Once there were two coffer dams and pumps in place we poured two concrete footers and two 5′ walls to get the new bridge elevation well above ordinary high water. We then placed 4 – W 18 x 86 beams as the framing for the bridge. The 3″ x 12″ x 14′ deck was placed using two 4″ bolts per beam. The bridge now supports tractor trailers fully loaded with hay.

Just upstream of the bridge a reach on Ohio Creek was destabilizing a section of bank threatening one of eagle Ridge Ranch’s main irrigation ditches. Creekside Angling proposed a large river restoration project to stabilize the bank long term. This project installed five jetties and several root balls to deflect flows back towards the original thalweg. In addition to protecting the stream bank, the j hooks also improved the trout habitat through the reach on Ohio Creek.

Eagle Ridge Ranch Bridge and Bank Stabilization

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Eagle Ranch Bridge Demolition

Eagle Ranch Bridge Before

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