Gunnison Stream / Gunnison River Diversions & Gunnison Irrigation Work

Water Rights, Irrigation Projects and Diversion Points for the Gunnison and surrounding areas

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In today’s expanding society water has become a critical resource and commodity. An efficiently functioning point of diversion is more vital than ever. In addition to this accurate water rights reporting and accounting is a must for any entity or individual who relies the beneficial uses of water.

Creekside Angling & Environmental has a professional land man on staff. The benefit of a land man versus an attorney is twofold. First, a land man has been trained specifically to research title and analyze all deeds, liens, leases, etc. associated with a real property. Secondly, this service is much more affordable.

Irrigation design and build 20 years experience. Installation of diversions for 70 cfs ditches to small ditch networks. Designed and built all over Western Colorado. (Gunnison County, Montrose County, Ouray County, Mineral County). Moved a large, historical diversion to a more efficient location on the stream. The historical diversion could not deliver the decree.

The photos below show a typical stream diversion project. As you can see, these projects are complex and require professional planning. As is often the case, such projects involve bringing in large boulders to accomplish the stream diversion. Of course, one of the main goals of such projects is to complete the project with as little damage as possible to the existing water course. Our care and experience make us the professionals for your project.

Current Projects

  1. Remove, redesign, and build a major diversion on Ohio Creek.
  2. Install 3,000′ pipe line on irrigation ditch to maximize efficiency and avoid complications with residential development.