Stream Restoration

Creekside Angling & Environmental specialty has been large scale stream restoration projects. These projects typically address degraded reaches of channel and bank that have been damaged from high flows, or natural stream morphology that threatens a landowners’ vision of a particular reach. Our Stream Restoration areas include; Gunnison, Almont, Pitkin, Crested Butte and beyond.

Our approach when addressing a poorly functioning reach is to identify the problem as it relates to the landowners goals and visions for their stream. Once these criteria are established within the reach, analyses of upstream and downstream function are considered. Quite often, there are latent issues that are creating an undesired effect. These can range from a root wad/tree mass raising discharge elevations to an inside corner developing a flow altering gravel bar.

Creekside Angling and Environmental is a design, permit, build firm that has over 17 years experience in large rivers to small streams all over Colorado. The main objective is to enhance stream function and aesthetics. the We have a fleet of Caterpillar machines; CAT 322, and CAT 307 excavators with hydraulic thumbs, a CAT 924 loader, and skid steer.

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Recent Projects

  1. 1/3 mile of bank stabilization on the East River. High flows destroyed a large irrigation diversion and scattered the large boulders through a neighbors reach of river created irregular flows directed at the bank. The project removed 200 haul truck loads of material from the stream and installed 20 flow control and grade control structures to rebuild and protect the bank.
  2. Fish habitat Tomich Creek. Install a riffle pool system on a 1/8 mile stretch of Tomich Creek in Gunnison County. The project moved a major irrigation ditch from the turn and installed several flow control structures on pools to keep the stream from further degrading the bank.
  3. Hard riffles on Ohio Creek to create a series of riffle pools for trout.

The photos below show the scope and complexity of some of our projects. We are experienced and well equipped to handle projects both small and large. If you have something in mind for your property, give us a call and we can talk it over. Stream Restoration in the Gunnison Valley and beyond!

Drone HD Camera on recent River / Stream Work