Bridge Construction

We specialize in Bridge Construction, Bridge Removal, Bridge Repair and Bridge Restoration. Trust us with any Bridge project you may have!

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Creekside Angling has led and completed several bridge design and build projects. We specialize in all types of bridge construction from small foot bridgesresidential bridges, to large span ranch bridges designed to support 90,000 # semi loads. The focus of our design build process is to provide an economical and efficient solution to your bridge needs. Every bridge solution always begins with a thorough analysis of the stream channel the bridge is intended to span. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your bridge construction needs we will lead the bridge construction project. Sometimes these bridge building projects require a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Once the permit is obtained we will begin actual bridge construction. If there is an existing structure our large equipment can quickly remove the structure. If there is not an existing structure will be prepared the site for bridge installation. The first step is to install the bridge abutments. We will excavate a coffer dam the site for the concrete bridge foundation, pour concrete and finish the bridge using whichever deck technique fits the application. We have built bridges using a steel deck and gravel on top of the beams as well as installed a wood deck for a more rustic look.

Creekside Angling & Environmental has also led bridge restoration projects. There are often situations where existing bridges simple need bridge abutment rehabilitation or bank stabilization upstream, downstream, and below the bridge deck.

Locations of Bridge Constructions, Removal and Restoration:

Creekside Angling & Environmental has been a sub contractor and led projects from Grand County in Northern Colorado to San Miguel County in Southern Colorado and all Western Slope locations in between. Some of these projects included a fishery improvement project in Granby and Williams Fork, Trout Habitat improvement in Gunnison, Crested Butte, Summit County, Lake City, Montrose, Telluride and Creede. We have been involved with bridge projects in Gunnison, Crested Butte, Montrose. Our specialty is the variety of alpine riverine systems that are dispersed throughout Colorado and the West.

Creekside has installed several bridges over several stream types in Western Colorado. These have ranged from extreme load bridges over Ohio Creek and Tomichi Creek to ornamental decorative bridges with h-20 loading. The key to a successful bridge is identifying the correct location on the stream to minimize impacts to the structure and then installing a fortified concrete abutment that takes into consideration maximum flows and potential debris in the stream system.